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Organisations are groups, networks or systems of people with a particular purpose. Organisations, therefore, need not just good business processes but exceptional human processes, to succeed. Being alert to human processes in organisations and addressing interactions that can lead to hurt, disappointment, mental distress, anxiety, disillusionment, and poor performance, is critical to organisational success.

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Abi Ajoni

Abi Ajoni is a human systems/human processes consultant. He holds an MA in Care Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Processes Consulting (from Manchester University UK), CAM Diploma (Marketing/Public Relations), and a Diploma in Journalism.

Abi Consults for UK's National Health Service (NHS), Local Authority Human Services/Social Services Departments and private sector providers of social care services. Abi has 35 years combined practitioner/consultant experience in the human services/social care services field.

Born in North London, Abi grew up in Africa where he studied journalism, practised under repressive, totalitarian military regimes and was, himself, like many journalists, subject to arrests by security services, before returning to the UK. Back in the UK, in human services/social services public relations roles, he was alarmed at oppressive, bureaucratic workplace cultures, dominated by rules, illogical and unreasonable performance targets, and managers who did not care about staff, and who blindly followed rules, like soldiers in repressive regimes.

As a journalist, Abi covered such assignments as Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), African Union heads of Government Meeting, Economic Community of West African States Heads of Government Meeting. His interest in good governance, governments and leadership that serve the best interest of all stems from here, too.

A social commentator and writer, as well, Abi Ajoni has just published his latest book "Work/Life Balance- It Is Possible". A second book "Together Forever- The Relationship Business" is due out in June, 2021.

A singer/song writer and lyricist, Abi uses his compositions and songs to comment on social issues, champion human rights, equal rights and justice, and to inspire people to be the best they can be.


Featured Book -

Work/Life Balance
- It is possible

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If you've ever wondered how one might achieve a work/life balanced life, in a world in which many organisations expect you to put your job before your health, your family and your children, you should read this book.

If you work for an organisation that pays lip-service to work/life balance, you've had enough of imbalance and you're sincerely looking for a way out, you should read this book.

If you've ever wondered about work/life imbalance putting a marriage or relationship at risk, putting children at risk or wondered about the hidden cost of imbalance, this book is for you.

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If you care about someone who is suffering from work/life imbalance and you'd like to help him or her out, you should read this book.

"Work/Life Balance - It is possible" distils and presents, with a rich mix of case studies, what it takes to live a work/life balanced life. It pulls together learning and wisdom from a variety of scholars, research institutes and universities from as far apart as California, Australia, and the United Kingdom to offer the reader tools, resources and a step-by-step guide for achieving a balanced life.

A human systems/processes consultant, Abi Ajoni shows how, no matter your job and no matter the organisational culture in which you work, it is possible to live a work/life balanced life. This new perspective on the subject provides evidence that employers and bosses who place profit or cost cutting above our health and wellbeing have no power over us, unless we give them the power. It provides proof that tyrants and bullies in corporate animal farms, who demand that we put our job before our marriage or relationship and our children, have no power over us.

The book offers powerful concepts for a personal work/life balance revolution and a pathway to transform your life to new experiences of balance, love, happiness, freedom and fulfilment.


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The Summit - It is possible


Consulting - Organisations

We help clients achieve their goals and realise their vision. We help organisations tackle critical human systems and human processes issues that are essential to success. We work with clients to create organisations where work is not just a means to an end, but a source of joy and fulfilment; where inspiring, deep and strongly held and practised values enable employees to be the best they can be.

We facilitate organisational change and development, and the psychosocial transition involved for employees, in complex, dynamic, uncertain and, often, risky environments.

Personal Relationship Management Consulting

We work with and support couples and individuals to develop strategies for building joyful, fulfilling, and lasting relationships. We help clients to identify and take advantage of resources and opportunities for creating the future they desire as couples and for achieving their personal development and fulfilment goals, as individuals. Our relationship management and consulting services draw on empirical personal relationship management research findings in the UK, Australia, the USA, and on what a large body of research says about why some relationships fail and others flourish.

Care Home (Residential/Nursing) Consulting

Nowhere, we believe, more than at residential or nursing care homes should services be of the highest standard and quality. Our associates specialise in the turn-around of care homes and working with care home management teams, residents and their relatives to make sure services are of the highest quality and meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) Regulatory Standards.



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Work/Life Balance - It is possible

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Together Forever
(Out: June 2021)

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The Relationship Business

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Abi Ajoni - All Work and No Play (YouTube)

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Abi Ajoni - It is Possible (YouTube)

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Abi Ajoni - We'll Survive (YouTube)

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Abi Ajoni - Mo Bouazizi (YouTube)

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Abi Ajoni - Live Life (YouTube)

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Abi Ajoni - Speak Up (Soro Soke) - (YouTube)
(Out: June 2021)

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